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Friday Baby Blogging - Aaaand We’re Back!

Sorry for the long break, but we’ve been very busy here at Casa de Naka-James, as you can plainly see . . .
Kai working the phone

I finished this round of the rewrite and turned it in this week, there will be more to do, no doubt, but the Director is happy with the progress thus far, and that’s the important thing. At some point in the future I hope to be able to blog about the whole creative process that’s gone on with that, a lot of it was quite edifying, but that will have to be after the movie happens.

There were other writer things that have happened, but can’t blog about them at this moment. Be patient, young jedi.


Life is pretty busy, with being a parent and a writer and a husband, but I hope to blog more soon, there are some monumental events swirling about our lives . . . not the least being our financial crisis, a historic election, and a lot of anger and hate and racism coming to boil at political rallies, on the internet and in the MSM, spurred by some ignorant folks who are pissed off a black man has an excellence chance to be our next President.

But as I tell my son, and he listens, there are always gonna be some dumb hateful people out there and the bottom line is you can’t reason with stupid, so walk away whenever possible. It’s also why we don’t watch Fox News.


But from these events can come great and wonderful changes . . . the anger, blood and turmoil of the 60s led us to the civil rights movement, a historic movement which defined America in a positive way for decades . . . we can only work for more progressive positive changes and step away, far away, from the last 8 years of corrupt and ethically bankrupt Republican rule.

We also hope and look forward -

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . other good things are afoot . . . The ethically challenged John McCain has been shredded in the last few debates . . . Rachel Maddow got her own show on TeeVee, Sheila Callaghan is on the cover of American Theatre, my best friend The Man Who Would Be King is about to make an appearance on Broadway in the revival of David Rabe’s STREAMERS, in fact previews officially begin tonight. Prepare for the awesomeness, y’all.

Best of all, I have a very cool son and I’m committed to being the best dad I can be, which I understand is a lot more complicated and nuanced than simply playing catch once in awhile. But I understand the weight of that and happily accept.

Because he is super-cool and utterly deserving.

Mr. Cool

So more blogging to come. Thanks for waiting.

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