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Friday Baby Blogging - Happy Halloween Edition

Kai had a week of Halloween activities, and his costume of choice this year?




And that’s the Old School Aquaman outfit, too . . .


There’s a story behind this costume, of course . . .


And many readers know, the Samurai Lady works in costumes . . . And when she was pregnant with Kai, there was much curiosity over what we were going to name our son . . .


We knew what we were going to name our son about three months or so before he was due, but we didn’t tell anyone, we wanted to keep it between us until we had him, but folks at work were teasing the Lady about it, so what she told one of them was, we were going to name our son “Aquaman” as a joke . . .


She has that kind of humor, heh-heh (personally, I think it’d be a really cool name) . . . and then at the baby shower, one of the designers gave the costume you see to her as a present . . . and Old School Aquaman outfit . . .


Because that way he’d have an outfit to match his name. Heh-heh. And at one year old it fits him perfectly.


We went to a Halloween party at Socrates Park last Saturday, and tonight we went Trick-Or-Treating . . .


And Kai cleaned up on candy, though it’s doubtful we’ll let him eat it, not that he cares, he seems to like pita much better. We do live in Greek Astoria, after all. But it’s cool, like most things, the reward is in the doing, not the treat at the end.


Happy Halloween, everybody!

4 Responses to “ Friday Baby Blogging - Happy Halloween Edition”

  1. Andrew Bellware Says:

    So… you’ve been waiting ’till he was big enough to do Halloween in his Aquaman costume? How cool is that?!!

  2. Grandma Rita Says:

    He is so cute and really looks grown up already. He looks like he’s really having fun and so is mom and dad. Happy Holloween!

  3. Osaka grandma&grandpa Says:

    He is walking at a smart pace in Astoria town!
    We feel unbelievable.

  4. G' pa Beau Says:

    I can’t beleve he is getting so big,very neat outfit. Stacy said he would set me up with that camra thing. can’t wait. Have a happy Halloween.

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