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STREAMERS - Roundabout Theatre Company at the Laura Pels Theatre

For those not in the know, best friend Ato Essandoh, known on this blog as The Man Who Would Be King, is a fine actor with a string of acclaimed credits . . . and tonight is opening night for his latest venture at the Roundabout Theatre, the revival of David Rabe’s STREAMERS.


I saw this last week at a preview and it was just quite simply an excellent production, across the board. All the actors are great, the direction, the whole thing works. I usually look at revivals with a somewhat discriminating eye, but this production just bullets out at ya (previously produced in Boston to rave reviews, with the same cast) and leaves ya gasping.


I know, I’m supposed to be jaded. But it’s just a pretty damn good show, and all the actors are really good, especially my good buddy, Ato, who is liable to surprise people who think they know him well, because he unleashes the nasty in this show (for those who haven’t yet met Ato, he’s quite probably the nicest guy in the whole entire world, I shit you not, and cool, too, the bastard, few things seem to faze the man) and draws gasps from the audience. I can’t tell ya more, I don’t want to ruin it.

Here’s a video with info about the show, short scenes and interviews with the director and cast:

They’re all good, this show, so run to see it and shout out our props to The Man Who Would Be King, we love ya, dude, break some fucking legs!

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