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Nog - A One Page Christmas Scene

Good news waiting for me in my email box this morning, I found out I won a one page Christmas scene contest over at The Rouge Wave … Totally cool to win something like that, I’d entered mainly to see if I could make the exercise work …

the trick was to weave three things into the scene -

1) A blizzard
2) Egg Nog
3) Maui

And when I read about the contest over at the site, I had a flash right away how to possibly link them together … the trick was, of course, to do it in one page. Gulp.

Here’s my scene, so you can judge for yourself …

NOG by Joshua James



Wind and snow howl. BARB (29) wades through the knee-deep snow in the middle of the street. She carries a large thermos. Wades up to a house. Shivering, Barb takes out her keys. Notices a-

MAILMAN - struggling through the snow, three doors up.

BARB - checks the mailbox by the door. A letter.


Barb stomps snow off her boots, unwraps herself from the scarves and jackets. She opens the letter. Picks up the thermos. Walks into the hall. Stops midway as she-

READS: “Dear Barb, enclosed is an all expenses paid trip for two to MAUI for the Christmas holiday. You’ve put in so many extra hours that the partners and I agreed to do something special for you. It’s Maui, Barb, Maui! Best, Tracy.”

Barb? Is that you?


Barb steps on the peddle of a kitchen trash can. Lid goes up. Barb drops the letter, tickets and voucher into the trash.

I can’t believe you went out in a raging blizzard just for that.

EMMA (60) appears, in a wheelchair. Barb grabs two cups.

It’s your favorite. Cinnamon flavored egg nog from Cuddy’s.

Barb pours egg nog from the thermos. Hands a cup to her.

I bet you wish you were somewhere warm and sunny right about now.

Barb smiles. Sips her egg nog.

Not at all, Mom. It’s Christmas.


That’s the scene … thanks to Julie over at The Rouge Wave for the chance to do something fun like this … if you haven’t yet checked out her site, you should, it’s a great resource.

4 Responses to “ Nog - A One Page Christmas Scene”

  1. Andrew Bellware Says:

    That’s great man!

  2. R.A. Porter Says:

    I said it on Julie’s, and I’m repeating it here. Fantastic short scene, Joshua.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I have a toothache.

    That was the sweetest scene ever.

    Stupid woman, though. She could have sold the tickets for a good cause.

  4. Luzid Says:

    Didn’t realize you were the same JJ over at TRW - great one-pager!

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