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Unheralded Cool Movies You Should Know About - Hard Times

Our country is mired in a desperate economic recession / depression, thanks to the Republi-cons and Bush and their media pundit-puppets … and it naturally made me think of Walter Hill’s excellent depression era film Hard Times (1975) about a bare knuckle fighter (Charles Bronson) who is way to old to be doing what he’s doing and the degenerate gambler (James Coburn) who schemes to make money off of his unknown sure thing.

This film is an old school, man’s man type of movie with all the right kind of acting and choices … it would be ripped off many a time later on (Van Damme’s LIONHEART for one) but not a one really comes close to how awesome this film is. Set in New Orleans and reflecting the hard scrabble times of the Depression, it features some truly kickass fights in addition to Strother Martin. What more can a guy ask for?

If you haven’t seen it yet, rent Hard Times (1975) right away … if you have seen the film, here’s the final fight scene so you can watch it again:

It took a week just to film that last fight. And it is totally cool.

No school like the old school, right?

That is all.

Thus endeth Monday Movie Madness.

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