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Things Of Dry Hours

Just wanted to share the head’s up on the Times ArtsBeat Blog regarding my friend Naomi’s play Things Of Dry Hours, which will up in May.

“The New York Theater Workshop has announced Delroy Lindo, Roslyn Ruff, and Garret Dillahunt will star in its final production of the season, Naomi Wallace’s “Things of Dry Hours,” which Ruben Santiago-Hudson will direct.”

More info at the link above … I hope everyone who’s available will try and make it to the show, Naomi is good people, folks, a frigging great artist and writer (they don’t hand out Genius Grants to just anybody, y’know) and how about that cast, holy cripes, Delroy Lindo!

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Ruben Santiago-Hudson some years back, I worked crew on a show he acted in, and a really great person.

Ten years ago I attended NYTW’s production of Naomi’s play THE TRESTLE AT POPE LICK CREEK, right around the time she got the MacCarthur award … it starred a then-unknown 18 year old Michael Pitt, and it was a really great show.

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