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Openings, Part 2

Another very good friend of mine, Naomi Wallace, has a play opening tonight at the New York Theatre Workshop … hte play is called Things of Dry Hours and it is directed by Rueben Santiago Hudson.

What else? Oh yeah, it stars DELROY LINDO, his first return to the stage in, I think, 14 years. Yeah. It’s big.

I saw it last week at a preview, quite enjoyed it but I’ll post a longer review after the opening. Just know that I recommend it, the writing is tight, the acting (from all three actors) superb and Rueben is aces in my book.

BTW, for those not keeping up, Naomi got the genius grant some time ago, among other awards. She’s the real deal, folks. And cool, too. I’ve known her since grad school and she’s always been goo.

So if you want to see a play, check out Things of Dry Hours.

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