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Todd Alcott - Kubrick: A Clockwork Orange part 1

Todd Alcott has been on a Kubrick tear as of late, analyzing the films of the late, great master (he just dealt with 2001 and Dr. Strangelove … If you’ve never dived into one of Todd’s film breakdown’s (which are usually delivered in three or four parts) you’re really missing out.

His latest is Todd Alcott - Kubrick: A Clockwork Orange part 1 and you should check it out.

A snippet:

“Put most simply, A Clockwork Orange is about a viewer who gets jerked around by a movie. It is altogether fitting that it, itself, is a movie about jerking a viewer around. The protagonist of A Clockwork Orange is a young man, Alex, who wants what any young man wants — to beat, steal, rob, rape, listen to Beethoven, dodge authority and boss people around. Do we like Alex? Are we supposed to like Alex? Does Kubrick like Alex? Can one even imagine a studio in the 21st century hearing a pitch for A Clockwork Orange? “Likability” and “Relatability” are what filmmakers hear every day from studio executives, but Kubrick couldn’t be less interested. Dr. Strangelove had three sexually crippled men who want to blow up the world as its protagonists, and 2001 had a bunch of invisible aliens. And a computer. A Clockwork Orange gives us Kubrick’s most complex, most paradoxical protagonist yet.”

Go read the rest. Dive into his archives, he’s also done every Spielberg film as well. An incredible resource.

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