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Dojo Update, What, Where and Why Not?

So I’ve updated the Dojo a bit. I’ve added a page entitled Daily Dojo - What Is It & Why Is It? for folks new to my verbal gym.

I’ve also added a new category, Rapping On Writing, to discuss the craft as part of an ongoing series. It includes writing for the theatre but isn’t limited to that alone. I hope to add more posts to that as we go.

The focus in the Dojo is usually theatre, since I’m a playwright, and I post a lot of Talkin’ Smack About Theatre which, if you haven’t visited yet, I highly recommend. In addition, there are updates of shows I have running currently in Joshua’s plays onstage and written samples in Written Works by JJ and you can always visit the library as well.

But it’s not simply conversations of writing and theatre, my interests go beyond that.

I also write quite a bit about our country’s current political situation we’ve been trapped in for the last six years in Political Porn and in case you’re wondering, there is no sex involved in that category, just perversity of the ethical kind. I believe very strongly that we’ve had a major crisis of leadership and honesty in our country right now and the first step in fixing it is to scream about it out loud. Focused yelling is mandatory in any dojo and so we will practice that with diligence here. Let’s holler about the corruption and dishonesty, shall we?

On the lighter side, there is Random Drive-By Humor just for kicks and giggles and Ultra Cool things and organizations I like in addition to Good People so there’s more than enough to keep us balanced.

Okay kids, that’s enough for a start. Dig in and we’ll talk more tomorrow.

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