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Okay, I Only Have ONE Issue with this …

… just one and one only … I don’t have a problem with remaking a film that is 26 years old, not at all … it happens and as it stands, it’s a fine choice … I don’t have an issue with the casting, in fact, the choices here look fine, the trailer kicks ass and looks funny and like it may deliver what it promises … there’s only ONE problem … do you know what it is?

Watch the trailer:

Here’s the thing … that ain’t KARATE … that’s KUNG FU … Karate comes from Japan (Okinawa, to be exact) … Kung fu comes from China, where this film is set, and it’s also obviously kung fu training (notice the win chun training dummy there) Jackie Chan (who specializes in kung fu) is obviously teaching kung fu …

So WHY CALL THIS FILM THE KARATE KID? Anyone who will be going to see it probably doesn’t remember the first film, anyway! Just call it The Kung Fu Kid!

Okay, rant over.

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