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Chronicles of Kai - The Boy With The Thomas The Tank Engine Tattoos

One day at school they had an official Wacky Wednesday wherein everyone got to wear wacky things and crazy makeup … so Kai got to put on temporary Thomas the Tank Engine Tattoos …


Temporary tattoos, I’ll remind you. Temporary. But still …


He was blissed out, man … he wouldn’t let us wash ‘em off (and he loves his baths) for awhile (it was a battle) and for temporary stick on tats, those things last, my friends, he had those Thomas tats for at least a week.

Kept comparing ‘em to Daddy’s and claiming his were better.


We told him he couldn’t get a real tattoo until he was at least 18 … he agreed to wait.


We just hope he’s over Thomas the Tank Engine by then.

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