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Chronicles of Kai - Osaka Grandma

We were fortunate in that Kai’s Osaka Grandma came to visit us for a few weeks, time in which she and Kai bonded and became partners in crime, running the streets of Queens and causing overall mayhem wherever they go …


Okay, that last part I may have exaggerated a bit, heheheheh, but it’s not an exaggeration to say Kai enjoyed playing with Osaka Grandma very much, and was sad when she had to fly back home to Japan. So were Kai’s mom and dad, too … Osaka Grandma spoiled us more than anyone, heheheheh.

Kai looks forward to her next visit (and next time Osaka Grandpa will be with her, Kai’s very excited about that) in a few months or so, and in the meantime, sends his love to all his family at various places around the globe.

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