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A Boy, A Girl And A Dog

This is part I from my trilogy of ten minute plays titled LOVE, LUST AND LIFE, which have been performed many times in New York and around the country (part III was even done in China, if I recall).

A Boy, A Girl and A Dog

Spotlight comes up upon the BOY.

BOY: For a long time it was just me and my dog, Skippy. Just the two of us. Me and man’s best friend. We were each other’s best friend, best buddies, best PALS, inseparable together, soul brothers to the end. Ain’t that right Skip?

Offstage sound of a dog, SKIPPY, barking joyfully.

BOY: That’s right, Skippy my buddy, Skippy my PAL! Skippy, the best dog a guy could ever know! You, know what? Whenever I needed someone to talk to, I could go and talk to Skip! Whenever I had a problem that needed to be ironed out, I could tell Skippy, and, let me tell you, he’d understand!

SKIPPY barks.

BOY: Skippy understands cause we share something’, something’ special between us, a friendship that happens maybe once every hundred years. That’s what we have. A friendship based on TRUST. We TRUST each other. I know that when it seemed as though the world was ganging’ up on me, I could look to my side and there he would be, Skippy my buddy, my friend, my PAL!

SKIPPY barks again.

BOY: And Skippy trusts me. He knows I’ll be there for him. He knows I look out for him, take him for walks in the park, feed him every day, care for him when he was sick. Skippy knows that I would never, under any circumstances, play fetch with him and PRETEND to throw the stick and then hide it behind my back to fake him out and make him look stupid. I respect him too much as a friend to do that. And he respects me. He never pees in the apartment, never chews on any of my shoes, nothing. It’s an ideal relationship. I know if I were in an accident or a fire or something’, and I was trapped, I know Skippy would go and get help and save my life, just like the dogs on TV. Ain’t’ that right Skip?

SKIPPY once again barks joyfully.

BOY: So, life was pretty fine for me and Skip, a boy and his dog. Then, my life changed. Then, I met HER.

Spotlight Downstage right comes up upon the GIRL. They never acknowledge one another.

GIRL: He met me.

BOY: I met her and she met me, and I heard music playing. Which may have been because we met in an elevator, I’m not sure. Regardless, our eyes met and it was truly an event of epic proportions. I saw her, and she saw me, and somewhere inside our souls touched together. I asked her out right away, which is unusual for me.

GIRL: And I said no, which is usual for me.

BOY: But I kept after her! I didn’t give up! I felt certain that somehow we were meant for each other, destined to be together. I was persistent, until finally …

GIRL: I said yes.

BOY: She said yes. And I heard angels sing a heavenly choir with that single word. Yes.

Offstage sound of angels singing the word “YES”.

GIRL: He was kinda cute in an unusual sort of way. Why not?

BOY: I took her to dinner, and then to a concert. Afterwards, we went for a walk by the lake under the moonlight. It was great. Her eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky. I thought she was beautiful, and I told her so.

GIRL: He made me feel pretty, and I liked that. And he was cute.

BOY: But I didn’t try nothin, no sir, I respected her too much.

GIRL: Cute, but kinda timid.

BOY: But we went out again.

GIRL: And again.

BOY: And again.

GIRL: And again.

BOY: To movies, plays, picnics, you name it, we were there together, inseparable. Then, one night over wine and cheese out on the riverbank …

GIRL: Finally.

BOY: I asked her if I could kiss her, and she said …

GIRL: I said yes.

BOY: She said yes. And I again heard angels sing a heavenly choir with that single word. Yes.

Offstage sound of angels singing the word “YES”.

GIRL: About time he made his move. Worth the wait, though. I don’t know if it was the wine or what, but that was one hell of a kiss.

BOY: Then we started seeing more of each other.

GIRL: We certainly did.

BOY: And we started talking a lot about ourselves. Sharing things. I even met her family.

GIRL: Well, they were in town, so why not?

BOY: It got to the point where not a day went by without us seeing or talking to each other.

GIRL: He kinda grows on you after awhile, you know?

BOY: Until one night, when we were alone in my apartment, under candlelight …

GIRL: It was very romantic.

BOY: I asked her if I could make love to her. And she said …

GIRL: I said yes.

BOY: She said yes. And I heard angels sing a heavenly choir with that single word. Yes.

Offstage, once again the angels sing the word YES”.

GIRL: The timing was right, and I was curious. Besides, it’s been six months since we started seeing each other. Why not?

BOY: Then I knew what love was. Then I knew. We became inseparable together. We went everywhere together, we did everything together. We were in love. I told her I loved her. She said she loved me.

GIRL: Well, I did, in my own way, I did love him. I cared for him quite a bit.

BOY: But now I knew. Now I knew what love meant. If you’ve never been in love, then you don’t really know. It was just like it was in the movies, when two people that love see each other and music plays and the sky thunders. That was us. That was love. It was just like in those books, when the touch of the person you love would send jolts up and down your spine. That was us. That was love.

GIRL: There was definitely some chemistry happening there. We made love just about every night, and it was wonderful.

BOY: Then, there was a slight problem.

Offstage, SKIPPY barks angrily.

BOY: Skippy didn’t like the love of my life, I don’t know why.

GIRL: And I didn’t like him. Bastard tried to bite me.

SKIPPY growls.

BOY: Easy Skip. I tried to work it out, but it turned out she’s allergic to dogs.

GIRL: Especially that dog.

BOY: So it came down to a choice.

GIRL: The Mutt or me.

BOY: Sorry Skip.

SKIPPY whines.

BOY: I was sad for awhile, but I figured Skip would understand that this was love, love that happens only once in lifetime. We were in love, and together almost every night. I’d send her flowers and write her poetry, and she’d reward me with a kiss.

GIRL: He was very cute when he did that.

BOY: Most of all, I shared with her everything, everything about me, my childhood, my past, my hopes, my fears, and my dreams. I held nothing back. We had love. We had trust. Till finally, one night in an Italian restaurant over champagne, I gave her a ring and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. And she said …

GIRL: I said no.

BOY: She said no. And the walls of the world surrounding me crumbled.

Sound of distant low thunder.

GIRL: I couldn’t see spending the rest of my life with this guy. I had already heard all his stories and stuff at least twice. I mean, he was nice and all that, but I wanted more.

BOY: I thought she loved me.

GIRL: I loved him but I wasn’t IN love with him, you know what I’m saying?

BOY: I didn’t get it.

GIRL: I didn’t think he would understand.

BOY: So, because I had asked her to marry me and she didn’t want to, she left me.

GIRL: The heat in that kitchen was definitely too hot for me, so I got out.

BOY: And she was gone.

GIRL: And I was gone.

Spotlight on GIRL goes out.

BOY: I walked around in a daze for awhile, like a zombie. It was like the year of my life that I had spent with her had been stolen, sucked out of me by a giant bat that flapped away in the dark of night, never to be seen again, and all that I was left with was cold, empty dreams.

Brief pause.

BOY: Then I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great, if I could do absolutely anything I wanted to. What if I could just snap my fingers, and BOOM!

Loud Thunder.

BOY: Thunder at my fingertips. A wave of my hand and …

Loud Rain.

BOY: Raindrops for all. I could raise both arms and all the dogs in the world would howl!

Howling of all dogs.

BOY: I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could control the tides, make the sun rise and set, stop all fighting and wars, abolish all the hunger in the world and maybe, just maybe get my dog Skippy back!

SKIPPY barks.

BOY: I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I were all-powerful, a supreme being, lord and master of the universe and maybe, just maybe she would like me again and come back!

Loud thud of something heavy falling.

BOY: But then I thought some more. And I realized that maybe there is a limit to even what God could do. So I went out and bought a puppy instead! I’m staying with what I know. Now maybe, just maybe I’ll be happy again.

Lights down.

FOOTNOTES: There are three parts to LOVE, LUST AND LIFE, A Boy, A Girl and A Dog, A Man, a Woman and A Cat, and Grandpa, Grandma and the Car. Part II tomorrow, Part III on Friday. Hope you dig them.

The plays have been produced many times in small showcases and theatres around the city over the years, but one of my favorites was downtown and featured Chuck McKinney as Boy and Abigail Lopez as Girl, they were (and still are) great and talented actors.

For a funny (now) story regarding a rather full of himself director savaging this particular piece, please see Let Me Explain My Concept For Your Play and yeah, for the record, it’s all true. It’s only hurts when you stop laughing.

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