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Chronicles of Kai - A Day At The Beach

From last summer, when Kai and family went with Aunt Rie and Uncle Shu to the beach in CT.






Suffice to say, Kai dug the beach.


I mean, literally.


He even liked swimming in the water.




The big pale tattooed whale in the picture is, of course … me.


Even with the tanning lotion on, I got seriously burned that day.


And it was totally worth it.

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  1. Joshua James Says:

    A postscript to this day … while we were all sitting on the beach, a plane flew by with a banner that read WILL YOU MARRY ME (her name may have been Julie) and right next to us, a woman squealed in shock. The guy she was whipped out a bottle of champagne, got down on one knee, offered her a ring.

    She cried and said yes. All of us watching immediately applauded.

    Then the plane flew by at least ten more times, I guess, just to make sure she saw it.

    It was a magic moment, worked for the dude perfectly, though as a spectator I have to say the magic lessened a bit when, after they hugged, kissed and carried on and the plane flew away, they each lit up cigarettes, got on their cell phones to tell their friends, puffing away.

    I don’t know why, but the whole cigarette thing kinda destroyed it for me.

    Still, I wish them well … wherever they are.

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