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Aaron Sorkin on Dialogue Overuse

Via Scott at GITS, a great interview with Aaron Sorkin about writing and The Social Network, but in particular something he said made me want to stand up and cheer … namely, THIS:

The Social Network’s Aaron Sorkin
Nearly every screenwriting teacher and how-to book warns against overuse of dialogue, yet some of our most gifted screenwriters specialize and indulge in dialogue. Do you think it’s just that the rule should be, “Don’t write dialogue unless you’re really good at it?” Is there something false about that rule?

That rule is completely false. It’s espoused by people who don’t write dialogue very well. There are thousands of ways to tell a story. Some people do it more visually than others. I’m a guy that writes about people talking in rooms. Some people, like Harold Pinter, are minimalist when it comes to dialogue, but they write brilliant dialogue, just a different kind. This business of jettisoning dialogue – I feel like that’s something a B-action star would say.

Yes, a thousand times yes … in fact, I’m kinda tearing up a bit.

Thank you, Aaron Sorkin, thank you.

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  1. Christina Says:

    I’m tearing up too. That opening scene in Social Network is awesome and an example of what he does brilliantly.

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