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Screenwriting Master Class

Another shout out for my friend Scott’s Screenwriting Master Class — Online Script Writing Instruction and Workshops

In their words:

Why you should consider Screenwriting Master Class

Here’s the thing. You can read books about screenwriting. Take classes. Break down screenplays. Analyze movies. Write script after script.

That is all well and good. But if your goal is to write an original screenplay that will get you representation, sell or be optioned, land you writing assignments, and begin a career as a screenwriter, at some point you need to make the jump – from the mindset of an aspiring screenwriter to that of a professional screenwriter.

How to craft a solid story structure. How to develop a set of characters to drive the plot. How to craft strong dialogue. How to handle story themes. How to generate strong story concepts. How to approach screenwriting style. How to pound out a draft. How to rewrite a script. How to take a story from its inception to final draft and deliver a professional quality screenplay.

The curriculum at Screenwriting Master Class offers a comprehensive, coherent approach that teaches you how to do these things – from the essentials of screenwriting theory to an insider’s view of the daily practice of plying one’s trade as a working screenwriter.”

More here: Screenwriting Master Class — Online Script Writing Instruction and Workshops and tell ‘em Josh James sent ya.

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