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The Blood of Heroes At AwesomeBMovies.com

I just posted about AwesomeBMovies, a site about something near and dear to my heart, and lucky for me they’ve asked me to contribute when I can and posted my article about the cult classic The Blood of Heroes (1989) | AwesomeBMovies.com

A snippet:

Some of you are probably going, “Wha . . .? The blood of?”

It’s a sci-fi post-apocalyptical sport movie from 1989. Yes, you heard that right.

If I had to pitch this film, I’d say that it’s ROAD WARRIOR meets RUDY.

Yes, that’s what I said. Heh-heh.

If you liked either of those movies (and if you didn’t, you have something missing somewhere in the taste region of your brain) then you’ll love this one.

In a post-apocalyptical world, a wandering band of athletes wander poor towns looking for Jugger matches, something that’s a cross between jousting with chains and football. You do anything and everything to put a dog skull on the opponent’s stake.

RTR HERE: The Blood of Heroes (1989) | AwesomeBMovies.com

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