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My Name Is Nobody (1973) | AwesomeBMovies.com

I forgot to post it yesterday, but my piece on the Western classic My Name Is Nobody is up at AwesomeBMovies.com and y’all should head over to read it, pronto, amigo.

Two things go straight to a man’s heart, bullets and gold. -Leader of the Wild Bunch

The Unheralded Classic Cool Movie you should know about today is Mio nome è Nessuno, Il (1973), or by it’s USA title, My Name Is Nobody.

Don’t let the Italian fool ya, it’s in English and it’s good. One of the spaghetti westerns produced by Sergio Leone, but far more comic than most.

Think Charlie Chaplin Meets Unforgiven and you’ll get an idea. RTR HERE: My Name Is Nobody

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