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My Bodyguard (1980) | AwesomeBMovies.com

I’ve been inundated with work and life stuff, and the tragedy in Japan has, and still is, heart-breaking and sapped my will to blog, but I’ll come back, I promise.

Meanwhile, my post on the excellent film My Bodyguard (1980) is up at AwesomeBMovies.com so why not visit and check it out? A snippet …

“But before John Hughes, there was My Bodyguard, which did Hughes before Hughes actually did Hughes, and with a heavier dose of realism to boot. Set in Chicago, like many a Hughes flick, featuring a bunch of young, talented actors (Chris Makepeace, Matt Dillon, Adam Baldwin and including a very young Joan Cusack, who would later appear in SIXTEEN CANDLES) who don’t seem to be acting but just seem to be smart, flip and tragic, this is a must see film for anyone who loves THE BREAKFAST CLUB.”

RTRH: My Bodyguard (1980) / AwesomeBMovies.com and let me know what you think …

And don’t forgot to donate to American Red Cross to help Japan.


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