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Happy Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of my wedding the Samurai Lady … so after my usual hours at the keyboard, I will be joining her for sushi and sashimi and thanking my lucky stars for having her (and the boys) in my life …


Writers (and everyone, but especially you writers and artists) make sure and be grateful to those who love and support what you strive to do … without them, well … everything would be much, much harder … thank them and most of all, spend valuable time with them … a rich personal life informs and inspires, if not fuels, a creative professional one.

Thanks for everything baby, happy anniversary!

3 Responses to “ Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Matthew Dowling Says:

    Wow Josh, well said! Congratulations to you and the family you’re building. So refreshing to see some be the example this world needs man. I hope your anniversary is one for the books! -matt

  2. Joshua James Says:

    Thanks man!

  3. Stacy Says:

    Congratulations you two!

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