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Sold A Script

So I guess it’s time to share the following news. Some weeks ago my original screenplay A NATURAL HIGH was purchased by an independent film company here in New York City.

The company, VIDEE THIS, had actually optioned the script two years ago, and near the end of the option period decided to execute the purchase agreement built into the option (for those curious about that, that’s often how options are designed … more on options here: Options, We Got Options!) as that they intend to make the movie happen very soon.

My understanding is that they plan to shoot it as an independent feature sometime this fall or the spring at the very latest. The director, Randy Slavin, is an award-winning commercial and video director who has shot music videos for Foo Fighters and Hesta Prynn, among others.

A NATURAL HIGH is a favorite script of mine and many of my friends, a psychological thriller about two couples who make a rather startling discovery up high on a mountain while rock climbing (a discovery I’m not going to reveal here) and their desperate journey to make it down off the top alive.

As you know, I never discuss specific numbers or dollars, it’s not my way, but suffice to say I was compensated very fairly.

I humbly offer thanks to my friends and family for their continued love and support (it ain’t easy living with or near a writer, lemme tell ya) and especially to my manager, the zen master, for his wise counsel.

More later, as that I’m juggling a lot at the moment, but wanted to share the news. Selling a script is a good thing.

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  1. Makia Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Josh!!!!! :) :) :) Thanks for sharing this great news!!!!! So happy for and proud of you!!! :) :) :)

  2. Balki Says:

    you give us all hope. congratulations - enjoy the moment! :)

  3. Andrew Bellware Says:

    Congratulations! That’s great!

  4. Dwacon Says:


  5. Suzy Says:

    KICK ASS! GO JOSH! I am absolutely THRILLED for you! Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. wcmartell Says:

    Cool! Congratulations!

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