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A bunch of Link-Fu for y’all today, some rapping on writing articles and written by stuff … enjoy!

Rapping On Writing -

Options, We Got Options!
What The Tide Brings … On The Writing Biz & Patience
Responding to Negative Critical Feedback, Rule Number One
Dunning–Kruger Effect

What Writing Be?
The Last Gasp
Fingers To The Bone

It’s Like A Kick To The Head . . .
And While You’re Over Here, You Mind Grabbing That End Of The Couch?


Rapping On Writing - The Dialogue Mix . . .
Rapping On Writing - Character issues . . .
Rapping On Writing - Character issues, Part Deux, The Arc of the Transformative

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me . . .
The Great Pumpkin, The Football That Won’t Hold Still, The Kite That Won’t Fly, The Red Baron & Other Wonderful Unrealized Aspirations

Rapping On Writing - Screenplays, Plays, Novels . . . What’s the difference?
Rapping On Writing - Keep It Active & Mind Your Tenses
Rapping On Writing - Campbell
Rapping On Writing - On Character, Ya Gotta Have Soul

Rapping On Writing - Emotional Content
Rapping On Writing - Goals, Motivation & “Use The Force, Luke”
Rapping On Writing - Character, Story and the Utter FAILURE that is THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Rapping On Writing - The Prestige, The Reveal and the Head-Fake
Rapping On Writing - Two Valuable Writing Secrets Revealed Now!
Suspense & Tension . . . On The Steps With The Untouchables
Rapping On Writing . . . Fatal Flaws

Secrets of Success in 8 Words

Chuck spread . . .

Written by Josh James -

Orphan Monologue: Happy Wendy (NSFW)
Paul On The Plane - A Very Short Play
Pauline On The Plane - A Very Short Play

DIPLOMACY - A Short Play
Robot Monster - A Poem

Something Situation - A Short Play
Wally In The Waiting Room - A Monologue
The Taste - A Short Play

Scenes From A Play - Running In Place, Scene 4
All The Rage - A Short Play
A Cautionary Word From Mom & Dad

Ambivalent - A Short Play
The Race - A Short Play
The Danger - A Short Play

New Texas: Or Now That The War Is Finally Over, Party On!
Best Shot - A Short Play
Afraid Of The Dark - A Short Play


The Futility - A Short Play
THREE TIMES - a short play
F**K You - A Very Short Play

Orphan Monologue - Jerry In Jail
Orphan Monologue - The Doctor
Nog - A One Page Christmas Scene

Ron Howard & The Big Red Pitch

New Year’s Resolutions I Have No Intention of Keeping - 2008
New Years Resolutions I Have No Intention Of Keeping 2007
15 New Year’s Resolutions I Have No Intention Of Keeping 2006


Nine Obvious Tells That Maybe, Just Maybe, You Watch Too Much Television
Five Obvious Tells That Your Lady May Be Using You
“Hey, are either of y’all the illegitimate sons of Geraldo Rivera?”
The Ides Of March - A DVD Deleted Scene from Julius Caesar
The One Scene New Play Challenge!

The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had
I Am America

The Kiss From The Men’s Room
The Infamous Park Scene
Porn Booth Scene From The Men’s Room
Bathroom Scene from The Men’s Room


Now For Something Completely Different - Spooge
The Girl Next Door
Still The Beaver
Parade Of Angry Ex-Girlfriends
The Black Man

And my entire full length naughty play The Elf, The Bunny & The Big Xmas Blowup


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