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Josh’s Silly Writing Tip

When one is in rough draft mode, the primary purpose is page output … you need to get the pages out, and you need to get to the end of the script … if you’ve outlined beforehand (not everyone does this, but usually on assignment a person does a treatment for those that hired you) and know where you’re going, it comes down to hours … sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it goes slow, depending on the story … the fastest I’ve ever written a rough draft has been a week, but plan on 6-8 weeks (for a job).

Here’s the silly writing tip. Watch your fluid intake.

I’m a huge iced tea fan. When it’s hot, like it has been here, you get thirsty and drink a lot … which means, lots of trips to the bathroom. Which in my case, means getting up, out from behind my desk, opening my door, walking through the living room (and dodging any one of a number of “Honey-Can-You” chores) down the hall … past the kitchen (the fridge may call) and to the bathroom. And back again.

Takes time, especially if I get hit up to do a husband chore. So what I’ve learned is the regulate my fluid intake during the day … like my internet browser, I keep the fluids as rewards after hitting certain hourly marks … do two hours, drink a short glass of iced tea. Open browser, check email. Limit it to ten minutes. Repeat.

In other words, don’t drink too much fluid* during the day when it’s hot, as that you’ll waste moments in the bathroom, moments you could use writing. Like this classic Chris Gardner scene where he doesn’t drink water to save cold calling time:

You’d be surprised at how much more you do, adding those extra minutes to your work day. It’s silly, but it works.

*I make exceptions on days I have BJJ and start drinking a lot more fluids later in the afternoon … if not hydrated, the muscles cramp painfully near the end of class.

Thus endeth the silly tip for the day.

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