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It’s Possible My Son May Be A Mad Comedy Prodigy

Tonight before bed, killing some time before Mommy brought the story books in, I decided to introduce Kai to his very first knock-knock jokes … I asked if he’d ever heard them before, he said no. I explained them and told what few I remember (from The Floppy Show, which Brother Stacy and other Iowans may remember) and while he was confused in the beginning (he first said, “go away,” when I said knock knock, how New York of him) he later got into it and his favorite was Boo-Hoo (don’t cry, it’s only me) … Mommy came in and, as we settled in …

We had this exchange …

Kai: Daddy, I’ma gonna tell you a knock-knock joke now.

Me: Okay, great.

Kai: But you have to start. Okay?

Me: Oh. Uh, okay. Knock knock.

Kai: Who’s there?

Me: ——-

(Kai begins laughing hysterically)

He’s three. Seriously.

Totally pwnd me.

He’s three and already pulling shit like this on me, without being taught first, unprompted.


I’m not making this up.


He may be a mad genius.

Heheheheh …

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