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Josh’s Silly Writing Tip #3

Real quick one, because I’m in final polish mode.

I learned this from a novelist friend some years back, and it’s so simple yet effective, I have to share it.

When one is preparing to start writing something (like a book or a screenplay or play) one thing to do before you start is create a title page for it (in this case, let’s say a screenplay) and print up only the title page.

Print it up, then get 110 pages of blank paper. Place the title page on top.

Hold it. Now … visualize that you’re holding your screenplay in your hand.

You can feel it, how heavy it is, what it looks like when it’s completed, everything.

Because you’re holding it. It has the title and you as author.

You can see what it will be when it’s done.

Then, begin writing that bad boy.

Thus endeth this tip of the day.

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