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Loved In Public

Hello folks,

Again I find myself with much to say and very little time to blog and share with all of y’all in the Dojo. My apologies and, if Buddha smiles upon us, I should have some VERY interesting tales to tell you about my recent adventures. Actually, Buddha smiles upon everyone regardless of what happens, so I’m told, but that’s a whole other discussion.

In the meantime . . .

I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you I managed to see George Hunka’s IN PUBLIC last Friday night and I really enjoyed it, actually, I loved it.

It’s my kind of theatre, spare, smart, to the bone with emotion and ideas, excellent writing that has expectations from the audience and delivers if the audience lives up to said expectations.

Know what that means? It means it’s for adults, smart adults, too, not for people who still lament that Fear Factor has been cancelled. It doesn’t beat you over the head, it expects you to think and feel and react on your own to the complex ideas and situations that are presented - it’s the kind of work we should really have more of on the New York Stage.

I liked it a lot, can you tell?

Excellent production, too, the actors were all great, across the board, and Isaac Butler’s direction is just as spare, smart and tight as the writing is. It all works and works very well. If there were more shows as well-put together as this, independent theatre in New York City would be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Full disclosure, I know both George and Issac, through the theatre blogsphere, and have shared a beer or two once upon a time. I admire the writing on both their blogs, though we have our disagreements on differing culture matters (Isaac is, for reasons I haven’t been able to fathom, a fevered fan of the recent MIAMI VICE film) but regardless of the fact that we are casual friends or not, if I didn’t like it I’d say so, I am on record as exactly that kind of animal, it’s true - but I liked this damn show and I ain’t afraid to say so.

This play is very good and well worth your time.

Go see it, if you can. The details are HERE. You have one more week . . . don’t wait.

You say you want good theatre . . . I just told you where it is.

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  1. James Says:

    Just saw it last night and posted my thoughts.
    We are pretty much in agreement. The show was excellent.

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