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Writing Wednesdays: My Years in the Wilderness

Steven Pressfield has a great post up on his Writing Wednesdays series that I highly recommend, which you can read here: Writing Wednesdays: My Years in the Wilderness

Here’s the money quote:

What keeps a person going? As I write this, Iím aware that there are people reading who know exactly what Iím talking about. Young painters and film-makers and novelists who are in that exact same place. Lemme say this to you:

Donít quit. Bleed from your eyeballs if you have to, but donít stop. What kept me going was the same thing that kept those dancers working at the barre. I just loved it. Even when the work was garbage, which was 99.9% of the time, I had to keep tryingóand if youíre trying now, God bless you. Keep hammering. If you have a choice, youíll know it and youíll stop. But you who are like me Ö you donít have a choice.

I had a friend in New York years ago named Denise Golinger. She was a painter. Tragically she died. Young, way too young. But I remember her painting these dark, Rembrandt-esque miniatures. Her apartment off Abingdon Square was her studio, and she filled it with these miniatures that even I could see were going nowhere, though Denise was beating her brains out trying to get better. I went away and came back a year later. ďLemme show you what Iím doing,Ē said Denise. And she pulled out a dozen new paintings that were fucking spectacular. What had happened? I didnít know and neither did Denise. But she had broken through. She was painting full size and she had found her gift.

Donít quit. Keep slugging. It takes time. Thereís a price. Keep hammering.

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  1. Billy MacKay Says:

    Denise was my friend too. Her laugh, her paintings, and her personality resonate still.

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