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TUF After Action Report - Akira’s Karma

I missed last week’s posting as that I was out of town, but regrettably the Canadian BJJ guy Roland got his ass handed to him by TJ, which is too bad, because I liked his fight to get into the house … but he seemed really out of his game. That happened, and we also discovered that Akira and Diego are HUGE dicks, even bigger than Bisping, as that they conspired to knock out their teammate TJ during training when they’re NOT supposed to be going a hundred percent.

Even Bisping had to admit that’s out of line, once he found it out.

But Karma, it is a bitch, and Akira’s karma would come back to haunt him.

This episode, Bisping and Tiki set up a huge prank involving fire estinguishers and a Spanish band … yeah. And Akira shaved part of Caraway’s hair off while he was sleeping, way out of line. He’s making enemies everywhere.

And Bisping is not getting much of a pass from his guys, either … Akira squirts water in his face, and Marcus later stuffs a used dirty jock into his mouth. Yeah, he did. Yep. Bisping has really lost his guys.

The highlight this week is Akira vs Bermudez, the guy I may dislike more than anything against one of the guy’s I like the most. Now Bermudez, he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, even he may admit … he pulls a Perry more often than anyone while trying to say something simple … but unlike Perry, Dennis Bermudez is a genuinely nice guy, and even though Akira is ragging on him constantly, Bermudez just smiles and promises to settle it in the ring.

Akira brags A LOT, he flexes his muscles and never stops talking about how great he is. Never. You’d never know how lucky he is that the ref missed his tap in his last fight, never. A lot of guys are getting sick of it, and his European pimp act is getting really old (and we now know he wears that pimp hat to cover a bald spot on the back of his head) as is his pranks and boasting.

Of course, a reason some fighters do this is to pump themselves up, in other words, it comes from a place of huge insecurity. He’s massively insecure, otherwise he wouldn’t have to remind everyone how great he is, he’d just show it. And Bermudez, however slow-witted he may be, he’s not insecure, he’s pretty comfortable and he knows his ground game is good.

Akira tells the camera he’s got a black belt in juijitsu, black bet in karate and a black belt in fucking people up.

Cut to the fight, it opens and Akira starts tagging Bermudez right away. Bermudez is going for the takedown too far away and can’t get a leg, he’s taking shots … but we’ve seen this from Bermudez before, he can take shots … he throws some back at Akira, and this is a pretty entertaining fight, after all … but Bermudez is taking more shots than Akira, and can’t hold onto him. Akira catches him with a hard left that spins him, and has he goes down, he grabs a leg.

Uh-oh. Bermudez has a leg and finally lifts Akira up, body slams him down, hard. Gets on top and as Akira tries to spin out of it, slaps a guillotine on an exposed neck. Akira’s stuck, and stacked, too. Bermudez waits patiently, improving his position and finally gets the tap. Five of them, to be exact.

Karma, baby.

Akira staggers around, acting like he doesn’t know what happened, which read to me as an act (if you were really out, then how is it you tapped FIVE TIMES?) while Bisping holds and consoles him. I have to say, this win was very, very satisfying. Add to that, Akira was actually nearly winning. Until he wasn’t.

Akira’s very talented, no doubt … but, you know, shit on other people long enough, the universe will dump it all back.

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