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Tapped Out By Matthew Polly

My friend Matthew Polly’s book TAPPED OUT came out yesterday, so I wanted to give it (and he) a shout out.

Matt’s the author of the bestselling book American Shaolin, a chronicle of his adventures while training at the Shaolin Temple. It’s a great book, and he has a new one out now, called TAPPED OUT as I mentioned, all about his journey to train and fight in an MMA match … the New York Times just had an article on it here: Mixed Martial Arts Books by Matthew Polly and Jim Genia - NYTimes.com.

I was lucky enough to read TAPPED OUT early, and I loved it … it’s a whole lot of fun.

Matt covers MMA in detail, where it came from and its current rise in popularity, all while taking the challenge to actually train and do it himself (no small feat, he lost a lot of weight and took some lovely beatings), his interactions with some of the big names in MMA and BJJ today and most of all, the book is FUNNY, I mean seriously funny … his wife, Em, looks on as he undertakes this vast task with sardonic humor and wit, and her responses are some of the most hilarious parts of the book.

Of course, I can relate to that personally as that every time I leave to go to the dojo, The Samurai Lady looks at me, eyebrow raised, and asks, “So you’re going to roll around on the ground with big sweaty men AGAIN?”


Obviously an MMA fan will love this book, but non-MMA fans will also enjoy it as a chronicle of a man’s desire to change and challenge himself mentally and physically, while trying to explain his particular brand of crazy to his newly married bride.

Here’s a trailer for the book:

I highly recommend this book, and think you will, too.

The official book launch was actually a couple week’s ago, at a secret location, which featured some underground MMA matches … I was there, and the event was covered (in the NY Times above) by the media … you can see me in some of the photos below in the Metro:

Metro - Saturday night’s alright for secret MMA fight club (PHOTOS)

Though I was misquoted in that article … don’t get me wrong, I DID say that the politicians are idiots … but after that, my point was that there is a BIG difference between what happens in an MMA match and what happens when two guys fight outside of a bar. They’re not the same.

But other than that, it was quite the party, and I want to recommend Matt’s TAPPED OUT to everyone.


Here’s the New York Observer: Punch Drunk Love: Fighting to Bring Mixed Martial Arts to New York | The New York Observer

And ESPN: NY’s UG scene at odds with the times - Mixed Martial Arts Blog - ESPN

And Matt’s website is: Matthew Polly - The Official Site

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