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A Quick Note As That I Am Cuh-Razy Busy … TUF Last Episode

It’s true, I am SLAMMED with work, and I’d bitch to my boss about it, but that’d be ME, and I’d just sneer at myself and make several snide comments on commitment, dedication, and finish up with a rather fantastic putdown of my appearance at the office (which is in my home) and accuse me of surfing the net while working … etc.

But yeah, I got a lot I want to get done by year’s end, and busy is good. Even Cuh-Razy busy is good.

Before the walls crash down, I wanted to post a few quick notes …

I didn’t get around to watching the last TUF episode until recently, it sat on my dvr until I could watch, and I was honestly bored by it … the season started out so good and ended with a couple of predictable fights … add to that, we didn’t hear a MURMUR out of Akira in that episode, either! WTF! He bragged and bragged and got his ass handed to him, and we hear NOTHING, no AFTERBURN at ALL?

I am PISSED about that. Make him EAT HIS WORDS, yo. What a letdown!

Also, I realized that since they did two weight classes, there were no wild card fights, and I like the wild card fights. It keeps the guys who were out from sandbagging their training.

The fights, maybe it was me, but I didn’t care for them, not sure why. Or I just didn’t like the guys who won.

And I truly don’t like most of the guys in the finale … TJ vs Dodson? Both are arrogant and unlikeable. And Diego makes BOTH of them look like boy scouts … Diego is a fearsome fighter, no doubt, but someone needs to tell him that fighting angry all the time is hard on the heart.

My boy Bermudez is in the final, and I hope he wins, but he’s going to have his hands full, no doubt. Diego is a monster, no doubt about it. Great fighter. A sullen, angry person with attitude.

The big live finale is this Saturday night, so tune in to watch and boo, all the guys from the show are fighting EXCEPT for Akira, who’s injured, it seems. Pull for our boy Dennis Bermudez to take the win.

And Mayhem and Bisping will finally go at it … I’m pulling for Mayhem, of course, but it must be said, he’s an underdog here, he’ll have his hands full. But it would be nice if he choked Bisping out, it would be really nice.

That’s it, it may be a few days before I can respond … I have pages and pages calling me.

Until then, see you in the ring …

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