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Holy Sh*tballs Ma, Sam Can Sing!

I remember Alex at Complications Ensue posted this some time ago and made a lot of the same points, but it’s cool enough of an idea that I thought it’d be well to revisit it.

One thing you need to remember as a writer is that people will know, from the first page, the first paragraph and the very first words you write whether you’re any good at it or not.

Hard work, technique and talent are evident from the first moment, the first breath of a work.

This is especially true of someone who is experienced and versed in that craft themselves. An established writer with a lot of credits will know right away whether or not someone else knows what they’re doing. It’s also why they’re harder to please. They know their craft. But when they see someone who “has it”, they know right away.

And, like Alex, I’ll post this awesome video of singer Michael Buble’ bringing up a 15 year old boy from the audience to sing with him, at the urging of the boy’s mother. Michael obviously feels this is going to be a bit of a lark, and then … well, watch.

I love that moment, by the way. Note that Michael responds RIGHT AWAY … he doesn’t need to hear any more than a few notes … HE KNOWS.

This is why it’s important to read great scripts, to learn from them in order to improve your craft.

If you work hard and long enough at what you love and care about, you will, too.

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