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Why Joe Rogan Does Jiujitsu

Joe Rogan recently received his black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and shared some thoughts on why it’s so important to him…

Joe also has a TKD background, like I do, and I remember my own instructor back in the day telling me the same line about human potential, and that always stuck with me (too bad TKD really sold itself out over the years)… and why I’ve always loved the martial arts… I’m a mere beginner in BJJ, but what he says here is exactly in line with why I love it. “You can’t be full of shit and do juijitsu, you can’t.”… it’s so true.

Hat tip to my friend Fernando for the video…

2 Responses to “ Why Joe Rogan Does Jiujitsu”

  1. Camden Carr Says:

    I’m back!


  2. Joshua James Says:

    welcome back, dude…

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