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Daily Dojo Eighth Anniversary

Today is the eighth anniversary of the launch of my blog, the Daily Dojo.

Wow. I know. Eight years. Dayammmnnn.

Generally on the anniversary of this day, I write a long, thoughtful post and then end with a list of my blog’s greatest hits. Not gonna do that this time, it’s all available via the tags, and I’ve been writing like a madman for months, and just can’t do it. Instead, I’ll note this.

When I started, blogs were just starting to go mainstream… I wrote mainly about theatre, since my primary vocation at the time was playwright, and shared a lot of my experiences as such. I had a lot of really wonderful flame wars, many a fun time. Then life changed, as is its wont, I found myself more into film and screenwriting, writing A LOT MORE than I ever did before, became a professional writer, became a father (twice! proof I’ve had actual sex at least twice!) and met many a wonderful friend via this blog.

I’m very thankful for it.

Blogging continues to evolve, not just for me but for everyone (I’m sure you’ve noticed)… blogs replace magazines and newspapers for more and more people, and we now belong to smaller, private FB groups where we can hurl insults and talk about the election or howl at anything… and there’s less need (for me, anyway) to do that sort of thing here… and while I don’t spend any time writing about politics or random general stupidity like I used to (I save that for Facebook) I still find it valuable to share my thoughts on certain topics, especially the latest series on fight scenes in movies, and I’m sure I’ll find more things to share, but the focus will be very idiosyncratic, as is my wont… there’s some really, really great screenwriting blogs out there (in particular, my friend Scott’s blog GO INTO THE STORY) and podcasts (like John August and Craig Mazin’s Scriptnotes) who cover a LOT of ground on that topic, so as of late I’ve determined to focus on the specifics of it that really interest me (like, heheheh, fight scenes) given my tastes, and stay with it… at least until that time when a blog, like other artifacts of past, becomes irrelevant and the topics shared here are no longer written but beamed directly into a person’s brain.

Which is cool when you think about it, right?

Until that time, I’m very thankful for the people who have come and visited me here in my little internet word dojo, and for the opportunity to share what I can of my writing since opening the doors here.

Snoopy Writing

Thank you, all.

2 Responses to “ Daily Dojo Eighth Anniversary”

  1. freeman Says:

    Glad you’re still writing here, sir. Eight years. Crazy.

  2. Joshua James Says:

    Thanks man, it is crazy, right? And I was remembering how worked up I used to get over a certain theatre prof, and I shake my head in wonder that THAT was ever me…

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