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Mata Leon & The Break In

This is totally cool.

A good friend of mine, Emre, who trained with us at our dojo for quite awhile, moved back home to Turkey (where he’s from, of course) and started his own martial arts apparel company, which is called Mata Leon Kimonos & BJJ Apparel.

Now that would be cool just in an of itself, because the gis are great and Emre is good people, one of the best, but wait, it gets better, baby, even better.

His company just released a commercial for Mata Leon, but it’s no ordinary commercial… it’s a freaking min-movie with action, drama and bone-breaking Brazilian Jiujitsu.

It’s called THE BREAK IN and it’s directed by Can Evrenol.

Check it out and make sure you go full screen when you do.

I have a new crush.

That is beyond awesome. Just a great film on its own, and the fact that it’s for my friend’s company, even better.

But move over, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, you have competition for my affections, and she wears a very short gi.

Pass this onward on, please.

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