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Friday Fight Scene - Who’s The Master? Sho’ Nuff!

The title refers to, of course, the cult classic THE LAST DRAGON.

What’s notable about this final fight is that, well, the martial arts choreography ain’t really that wonderful… yes, it’s supposed to evoke kung fu flicks of old, meaning exaggerated and overwrought punches and kicks, Jason Bourne, or even Bruce Lee, this ain’t.

That being said, this final confrontation is well worth a viewing, and the reason is that the performers are great, the whole movie built up this meeting between Bruce LeRoy and Sho’ Nuff over who the master is, and the actors sell their characters, especially Sho’ Nuff… he’s great (they are remaking this film and the Samuel L. Jackson will be playing Sho’ Nuff) and we care because of the characters.

And because the fight isn’t only about one guy defeating the other, but the journey of Bruce LeRoy to discover what it takes TO BE A MASTER… he has to BELIEVE in himself (compare this scene with Neo in The Matrix, they are very similar, both die symbolically and are resurrected by their faith in themselves) and once he does, the audience is totally with him. And the soundtrack rocks, too.

Here’s the scene.

Who’s the master?!

BTW, that’s the great New York actor Chris Murney as Eddie Arcadian, I had a chance to work with him years ago and he’s a wonderful person. He’s been in a bunch of movies, including SLAPSHOT, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS. He’s a great villain in this movie as well.

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