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SubmissioN Impossible

A good friend of mine from our dojo, Dennis (big “D”) founded a non-profit group called SubmissioN Impossible that I’d like to direct your attention to for all those interested in making tax deductible donations for very good causes.

SubmissioN Impossible is dedicated to helping disadvantaged inner city youths better themselves through martial arts training and good public works.

In addition to the judo and jiujitsu training that comes with the program, the kids are often out on the weekends, volunteering their own time to help clean in our public parks in Queens, picking up trash, weeding gardens, doing work that has value for our whole community.

Dennis started this foundation in honor of his mother (the N in Submission stands for Nancy) for the purpose of helping other kids just like his mother once helped him. He does while also working a full time job as an air-traffic controller and training in Brazilian Jiujitsu at night. Dennis is the very definition of good people.

On a personal note, like many folks out there, I’ve had my life changed and bettered through martial arts training, which I’ve been involved with since I was a kid. I learned how to be an adult from the martial arts, I learned self discipline, I learned the value of hard work, I’ve learned so much more than cannot even be listed in a mere blog post… the martial arts have positively informed my life on a level that cannot be adequately described… I sincerely believe I would not be alive today if not for the life lessons I’ve learned from all the dojos I’ve ever set foot in…

To pass that onto another generation, especially one who really needs those tools, is a very valuable thing, so please consider making a contribution here: SubmissioN Impossible.

For all those who live in NYC, Dennis and the kids will be at Astoria Park today helping to clean it up (and it’s National Service Day) if you’d like to stop by and lend a hand, and in addition there will be a fundraiser in March that, if last’s year’s was any indication, will be epic. Just watch out for the goldfish bowls (that’s an inside joke).

Thanks folks, and remember: SubmissioN Impossible

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