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Friday Fight Scene - War of the Worlds

Okay, so we’re back with this… today’s fight scene is a tad different than the norm… it’s the initial fight between Tim Robbins and Tom Cruise in WAR OF THE WORLDS… here we go…

Now while this fight isn’t as dynamic as one might find in MI III, it’s still a classic piece of work simply due to the context… Cruise knows that if wingnut Robbins fires at the aliens, it will give them away to all of them… so they have a silent, powerful struggle over a shotgun as Cruise’s daughter looks on… not only does he have to stop Robbins, he doesn’t dare make any noise, either.

And he’s losing to the bigger man.

This fight is a setup for something bigger, of course, a big realization Cruise comes to later regarding his host (Robbins) and a turning point for his character… and that’s why this scene is so awesome, beyond the obvious suspense with the aliens, it’s about character…

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