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Ten years… TEN YEARS… The Tenth Anniversary of The Daily Dojo

Today marks the tenth anniversary of this blog…

I used to bemoan the fact that I started it the day or two after Thanksgiving, when blog traffic was at an all time low… but now I think it’s perfect. Because it gives me time to offer thanks to all of those whom I’ve met through this little hole in the Internets.

And I am very, very thankful… especially this year 2014, I’m especially thankful for so many things. It’s been a stellar year.

I can’t say how much longer this blog will continue, of course… my writer-life has been consumed by other scribe chores, all of which are good and welcome. I’m writing now more than I ever have, and I love it.

Plus, the blog, as I’ve mentioned many a time before, is only supposed to be a small personal space. I cannot and will not complain that it didn’t grow and take flight like others I’ve known… that was never my intent, nor did I do the blog work necessary to build it as such.

It is just my small and humble Internet home, my little word dojo. I’m happy with it.

And I’ve noted many other blogs which were let go, and perhaps that may be the fate of this one, someday… at some point, we won’t need blogs, we’ll have words automatically beamed into our heads.

In the meantime, feel free to check in here once in awhile… most of my updates are featured on my Facebook page, Writer Joshua James… and you can follow my columns at Sessionville.

And I’ll be back here once in awhile to pound the makiwari board, too… and get my knuckles bloody, metaphorically.

To those who’ve graced my blog with your presence over the years, rolled on the mats with me here… I offer my heartfelt thanks.

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