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Tagged . . . 123

Okay, I done been tagged by James.

Here’s what I’m supposed to do.

) Find the nearest book
2) Open to page 123
3) Type lines 6-8 of said book
4) Tag three others.

Nearest book: ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL by James Herriot.

Page 123 and lines 6-8 are:

God help us, Jim, you nearly killed me there. I can’t hear a damn thing through these ear plugs - except the dog, of course. Nothing keeps that out.

The fact that I was tagged by James and had a book by another Jim close at hand is a total coincidence, I assure you. If you haven’t read Herriot’s book about his adventures as a country vet, you’re totally missing out.

Tag three others? Hmm. Okay. I will tag Fun Joel, Laura and David, all of whom live outside New York City.

2 Responses to “ Tagged . . . 123”

  1. Fun Joel Says:

    Since this isn’t really Screenwriting related, I’ll reply to yuor tag here, instyead of on my blog. I just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t participating!

    Book: The Norton Anthology of Poetry (I recently brought it back from home, where it has been sitting since my college days)

    Page 123 comes in the middle of Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen.”

    Lines 6-8:
    So bene they gone yfeare, a wanton paire
    Of lovers loosely knit, where list them to repaire.

    Soone as the cruell flames yslaked were,

    (Not as satisfying or fun as it could have been, I guess!)

    I tag anyone reading this who wants to participate!

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