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Edward Albee Kicks Ass

Okay kids, MANDATORY read, an interview with Edward Albee, playwright most excellent, he of the THREE Pulizter prizes, just go HERE . . .

My favorite part?

We have no paucity of good young playwrights, and good older playwrights; we don’t have the happiest environment for them to work in. Like in the art world and in literature, the theater’s just as trendy, as dangerous and corrupt. The big problem is the assumption that writing a play is a collaborative act. It isn’t. It’s a creative act, and then other people come in. The interpretation should be for the accuracy of what the playwright wrote. Playwrights are expected to have their text changed by actors they never wanted. Directors seem to feel they are as creative as the playwright. Most of these changes are for commercial reasons. I know a lot about it because I’m on the council of the Dramatists Guild, but of course the pressures are on all of us. I’m in the lucky position where I just say, ‘Go fuck yourself; if you don’t want to do the play I wrote, do another play.’ The forces of darkness would back down if everybody said that.

He echoes what I have believed all along . . . while staging a play may be a collaborative act, WRITING a play is not . . . it’s first person singular, babe . . .

Mandatory read, Dojo-Monkeys . . .

(h/t to Mr. Excitement and also The Wicked Stage)

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  1. Joshua James Says:

    I should add, it’s not that writing CANNOT be collaborative, it can be, there are many writing partners who’ve proved that is possible, plus on television a load of talented folk write collaboratively . . . the difference is, they go into a room TOGETHER and work it out TOGETHER and proclaim themselves satisfied and finished TOGETHER . . .

    There’s a big difference between that and some director reading a play you’ve worked on for two years, telling you he has a better ending for it than you do (he doesn’t, he just wants to show off his new smoke machine) and in order to do the play at HIS theatre, you have to be open to collaboration (make his changes without argument) or they wouldn’t do it.

    That’s not collaboration.

    That’s forced rewriting . . . if your name isn’t listed as author, you’re not a writing collaborator, end of story.

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