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The Playwright Turned Screenwriter . . .

This is from last fall, and I apologize for not recognizing it sooner, but Malachy Walsh has a chat with a playwright turned professional TV / Film writer in the LitDept: 5: The Playwright and it’s a must read - here’s a money quote:

“Theatre is like the long legged girl I used to be in love with but that still comes over to my house to kick me in the balls and steal all my money.”

It’s a great and informative post, and one that hit home all the more for me, as that I’m in the process of transitioning from theatre to film and fiction writing, and primarily for the reason Malachy’s interviewee states, which is:

“I’ve just found that the darker themes I’m interested in are more frankly handled in television and film than in theatre,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more . . . it ain’t all about the money (though making money ain’t a bad reason) but more about the access to your audience.

The theatre industry could grant that, if it wished.

h/t to Isaac

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