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Plight Of The American Playwright

Keeping with the theme of my previous post . . .

The U.K.’s Guardian has an absolutely awesome article entitled Plight of the Young American Playwright in which they explain, basically, that it sucks in America as a playwright and you don’t get paid and no one’s really interested in your work, they’d rather import it from the U.K.

Okay, they don’t really say it EXACTLY like that, they’re much more civilized than myself, but that is the basic message. And this is why so many talented writers here flock to television, film and comic books.

Because that’s where they’re wanted.

And that’s why theatre is dying the death of the cheesy-based-on-a-movie-playing-on-TNT-big-budget-MUSICAL that costs a hundred bucks a ticket.

Check the article out, and a hat-tip to Mr. Excitement.

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