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Dojo Makiwari Board of Greatest Hits - Lucky Sevens (July 7th, 2007)

Rapping On Writing -

What Writing Be?
The One Page Screenplay Challenge
The Last Gasp
Fingers To The Bone
It’s Like A Kick To The Head . . .
And While You’re Over Here, You Mind Grabbing That End Of The Couch?

Theatre Smackdown Posts -

No More Covers
No More Covers, Part Deux
Hey, What’s That Guy Doin’ In A Dress?
Hey, What’s That Guy Doin’ In A Dress? Part Deux - the Bennies
Duty and The Five Difficulties
More Indie-Theatre Ranting . . .
Let Me Explain My Concept For Your Play
Never Do This . . .
Truer words . . .
The Common Touch - The Problem With Theatre Today
Richard Nelson, Can We Clone You?
Three Things To Rule Us All . . .
Why Old Plays Bore The Sh*t Outa Me!
Playwright As An Adult Who Can Chew Bubble Gum, Walk & Do Other Things, Too

Random Humor Drive-By from Yours Truly -

New Years Resolutions I Have No Intention Of Keeping 2007
15 New Year’s Resolutions I Have No Intention Of Keeping
Nine Obvious Tells That Maybe, Just Maybe, You Watch Too Much Television
Five Obvious Tells That Your Lady May Be Using You
“Hey, are either of y’all the illegitimate sons of Geraldo Rivera?”
The Ides Of March - A DVD Deleted Scene from Julius Caesar
Now For Something Completely Different - Spooge
The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had
The Kiss From The Men’s Room
The Infamous Park Scene
Porn Booth Scene From The Men’s Room
Bathroom Scene from The Men’s Room
The One Scene New Play Challenge!
Porn Booth Scene From The Men’s Room
The Girl Next Door
Still The Beaver

Some written works that are not random and only occasionally humorous -

Poetry Drive-By . . .
Me, Ryan And The Beaver
White-Boy Black-Boy
I Love Books!
What’s On Your Desk?
To Serve - A Short Essay . . .
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me . . .
Gasp!: Taking Care of Business - 8 Random Facts About Joshua James
From Playwright to Writer . . .

More work by yours truly -
Written Works by JJ
And track the shows I have running in Joshua’s plays onstage

Sites & Blogs I visit every day!

Screenwriting -

The Artful Writer
The Unknown Screenwriter
Kung Fu Monkey
Man Bytes Hollywood
I find your lack of faith disturbing
Fun Joel’s Screenwriting Blog
Yankee Fog
John August
Mystery Man on Film

TV writing -
By Ken Levine
Jane Espenson
Complications Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog
A Writer’s Life
Ian Gurvitz

Novelists Blogs Me Likey -
Tod Goldberg
The Heart of the Matter
A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
Tess Gerritsen’s Blog

News, news and more news -
The Huffington Post
Daily Kos: State of the Nation
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall
Crooks and Liars

Theatre blogs that rock -

The Playgoer
Craig Pospisil
Venal Scene
On Theatre and Politics - Matthew Freeman
theatre conversation and political frustration
Light Que 23
Mr. Excitement News
Confessions of an English Jason Grote Eater
The Mirror up to Nature
Bill C. Davis - Playwright
the nytheatre i » Martin Denton
The Village Voice: Sightlines

And last but not least, my super-cool best friend -
Ato Essandoh

And I couldn’t choose just one post in Political Porn as that it all comes from the soul, baby, but here are some of those highlights -

ID Stands for Idiots . . .
Butcher’s Bill . . .
Bush Is A Lying Butt-Munch Part III
So it’s official, Bush is a lying Butt-Munch
Bush Is A Lying Butt-Munch
But One of the Many Reasons I’m Pleased I’m No Longer A Christian
Robertson, Part Duex
Pimping Long Distance In Jesus’s Name, Amen (and hatin’ gays to boot)
Here’s The Thing . . .
History Ambushes the Bush Administration
“Everyone” Thought Iraq had WMD’s, Ever Hear That One?
A Conservative Speaks & Asks Questions Directed Toward Progressives
I Never Thought I’d Agree with Dick
Exit Stage Right
Ann Coulter Is A Repugnant Person
God Told Me To Tell You . . .

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