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Who Are They Lying To?

Says it all. Watch that short clip.

The Studios tell the writers they ain’t making money of the internets.

They tell their investors they’re cleaning up.

Lying about stock earnings is a federal offense.

So are they lying to the writers or are they lying to their stockholders?

2 Responses to “ Who Are They Lying To?”

  1. J L Harrison Says:

    Thank you for posting this. Similar to our struggle I.A.T.S.E. Local One ( Broadway Technicians ) are striking only to keep what has been operating safely for over a century! Broadway brings in Billions of dollars. The producers get to post broad statementts about what we make. Statements diminishing our expertise, training, mentoring and many nights working. I have worked for all of these Networks on many Hollidays or weekends on the job— Whilst the general public uses those days to play; well that’s another long day into the night for we technicians. No one knows a general average income a Producer takes home from Broadway show— Why? If they aren’t somewhat embarrassed by the amount thy make then how is it so secretly kept in vaults?
    We are implementing the writers greatest visions. Consistently doing some pretty tricky highly dangerous things. Inside spaces built for Vauedvillian era type shows! Suddenly there’s too many of us working to ensure our associates the writers, the actors, designers, musicians, dancers and craftspersons’ saftey?
    Things unpredictably break and they must be fixed right then and there. We tend to maintain things so that they will always play for the paying audience. I can’t tell you how many times we were scurrying in the dark while the act on-stage play quietly and quickly adjusting something to make it safer. Thousands of pounds, Tons of gear is hanging above everyone within a Broadway theatre, most of it over the stage; a good portion of it (tons) is also over the heads of the writing staff during previews tech and finally plays over the audience.

  2. Joshua James Says:

    My pleasure -

    I’ve been following your strike, tho’ I don’t write much about it (Playgoer, on my blogroll, has a bunch of stuff) but I was astounded at how skewed the coverage in the media was about it . . . all about kids crying becuz they can’t see a certain show . . . I just don’t have sympathy for that, not when the big pockets are taking sooo much and giving back sooo little . . . best to you . . .

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