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Xmas Chit-Chat, Identity Crisis & A Blogging Break

I’m taking a break from Blogging.

Until the New Year, at least, unless some important announcement comes up, I’m on a break.

Reasons for said break being, and these are in no particular order, as follows:

A) I’m exhausted. I’m talking really exhausted, seeing long ago ancestors smiling at me in the scrambled eggs type o’ exhaustion, the kind of exhaustion where you begin giggling for no reason, even though you’re alone. In the bathroom. And no one has said anything. Yet you laugh uncontrollably.

Yep. That’s how exhausted I am.

There’s no one really to blame for the exhaustion, there’s just a lot going on, and quite a lot of it is good. But a few weeks off from the Dojo would do me well.

2) I’m going through a tiny identity crisis. And that’s a good thing. But it needs time to foment and distill, like a fine liquor.

I’m sure the identity crisis is linked to the arrival of my awesome newborn son -
Kai Sleeping

It’s hard, if not nigh impossible, to look at a your newborn and not question one’s own existence, I think.

You look and he has your hands, your chin, some of your feistiness but he’s not you, nor is he really yours . . . he’s his own being just begun from parts of you.

I know. That’s some deep shit. I know.

But in addition to that existential aspect, on the practical end regarding the craft of writing, a writer’s voice IS their identity.

It’s who you are, as a writer, and what you stand for.

I’m also going through a slight identity thingie as a writer.

The thing is, identity is fluid - it evolves like everything does (yes, we believe in evolution, we have nipples, hello! We’re not all simpletons like Huckabee) and therefore who you are today is not who you were years ago.

You’ve evolved. It’s good. It’s normal and something a person should seek . . . stillness stagnates.

In writing, or directing or painting or anything (especially parenting) being in touch with your evolving identity process involves some transition periods, sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth . . . but it’s part of finding out not just who you are, as an artist, but also who you could be.

I believe I’ve been doing that the latter part of this year, transitioning from just playwrighting into film and fiction and other fun things, and I want to take a few weeks to mull what’s ahead, and who I could be, before throwing myself into it.

C) I have a couple projects I’d like to finish before New Year’s, and by shuttering the Dojo, a temptation that draws my eye, it will help me focus.

4) I’m also going through an identity crisis with the Dojo - I’m wondering now what direction it should go in. There’s much I’d like to write about, but rather than dump it all here in a big sloppy mess, I’ve decided to sit zen on the issue and see what comes out of it.

When I began, it was really just musings on theatre, but it’s grown into so much more.

So it’s tabled until 2008, I’m on a blogging break and mayhap the Daily Dojo will rise again, fierce and strong.

In the meantime, in celebration of the upcoming holiday, here’s my play The Elf, The Bunny & The Big Xmas Blowup which you can read HERE courtesy of Trigger Street.

Interesting thing about Christmas Day, December 25th - it’s not the birthday of Jesus Christ.

He wasn’t born on December 25th. Not at all.

So why do we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ, on December 25th?

Because the Church, in it’s calculating shrewdness, wanted to increase its power and numbers, but had trouble convincing pagans and animists (nature-based religions) to buy into their particular brand of smelly coffee - the traditions of generations were too difficult to break - the pagans were too used to doing what they’ve been doing for years.

However . . .

Winter Solstice
was big among all the differing nature religions . . . so the birth of Jesus was conveniently moved to December to coincide with that celebration, adapting it into theirs. It made for an easier sell to the heathens, heh-heh. They just told ‘em, hey, you’re already celebrating our religion, you just don’t know it yet!

And adapting that which they could not erase into the christian rituals.

That’s why the Christmas tree is part of the celebration of the birth of Christ.

A lot of current religious practices have their root within that - a choice some church officials made in the name of practical subjugation of an ignorant populace rather than the word of god.

A choice based in falsehood, yep, I said it, the religious aspect of Xmas be just one big honking lie.


I bet now you’re wishing I took that break a wee bit sooner, right?


Hey, if it’s the truth, it should be said, right?

Enjoy the break, I will, if there’s anything you need, please feel free to contact me and I wish you all well and good.

I wish you all a great new year, and leave you with this final image . . .

Kai does Ferris
Bueller . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . .

5 Responses to “ Xmas Chit-Chat, Identity Crisis & A Blogging Break”

  1. Andrew Bellware Says:

    Aerodynamic baby!

  2. Travis Bedard Says:

    I admit it it, I hit the bulletpoints…

    You’re doing Durang in 200b dressed only in scrambled eggs?

    (alright nevermind I read the whole thing… there were pictures…)
    Have a good finish to a big year.
    Try to get some sleep, and (and this is important)
    When you find yourself? MAKE A MAP.

  3. dorothy Says:

    enjoy your break !
    identity crisises can be good. i hope you’ll tell us what came out on the other side.
    joyeux noel !

  4. malachy walsh Says:

    I understand the identity crisis…. But I’m not so sure I’m quesitoning existence as much as the purpose of my existence…. if you know what I mean.

    Love the mohawk.

  5. sal Says:

    Congratulations, merry Christmas, and all the very best for 2008. Have enjoyed reading your blog and will miss it if you cease.

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