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I’m Not Old, Damn it!

I ain’t old, not a bit.

But I am, however, one year older than I was.

Yep. Today is me damn birthday. January 10th.

Here’s what it once was.
Baby Josh
That’s me, as a wee little baby. I don’t know how old I am in that picture, either.

It’s fun to compare that picture with a current picture of my son.

Kai in repose, waiting for something, usually for one of his parents to do something he demanded. And we’d better be quick about it, too. Kai expects prompt, snappy service.

Now I ask you, of the two babies above, which one of us is cooler?

Hint. It ain’t me, heh-heh.

Shoot, you can tell Kai’s already waiting to jack the other baby for lunch money. And maybe lock him in a gym locker for kicks and giggles. That’s how tough Kai looks, don’t you think?

So yes. It’s my birthday today. Thank you, thank-you-very-much.

Don’t bother asking me how old I am, I never say. I’m superstitious about certain numbers, it’s a weirdness I’ve had for quite a number of years. Actually, I know exactly how long I’ve had it, and if I didn’t have this weird superstition regarding numbers, I could tell you exactly when it began.

But I do, so I can’t and I won’t.

It’s not nearly as bad as it was, as I get older and more rational, I see through most of the weirdness for what it is. But I hang onto some of the old superstitions anyway, even if I’m not really buying into them anymore, I just keep them around like an old Van Halen t-shirt from that concert long ago. For the memories of who I once was.

But I’ve digressed.

It’s my birthday, I’m one year old than I was, and I’m pretty pleased, to say the least.

And coincidentally, I also have a reading of a new play today, if you’re free, please come by - they didn’t know it was my birthday when they scheduled it, it’s one of those happy accidents.

Those are the best kinds of accidents. And with that -

I have to confess, however, that it’s not my birthday I’m thinking much of, these days, but of another one that was relatively more recent.

Ain’t that right, Kai?
Kai rocks
September 14th, 2007. Kai’s birthday.

That’s a date that will always be a lucky number for me.

Best to you, everyone. I hope this coming year grants you all your wishes and dreams.

9 Responses to “ I’m Not Old, Damn it!”

  1. Andrew Bellware Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Kai’s got the “baby - power” salute going on there…

  2. Phylis Says:

    Happy Birthday Nephew!!! Just remember, You cann’t stop age, nor can you change age, so just face it your only as young as you feel. So don’t bother trying to worry about it. It’s more fun just living life to its fullest and enjoying it along the way. If you let it control you, you’ll miss out on too much and life is too short for that. So I guess I’m saying be proud of your age and everything you have done with your life up to this point and strive to be the best that you can from this day forward. What is age but a number anyway!!!!!!! So Happy Birthday We’ll be thinking about you.

    Phylis and Family

  3. Christina Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Unk Says:


    Many happy returns of the day…


  5. James Says:

    Happy Birthday, Joshua!

  6. Joshua James Says:

    Thanks everybody, seriously!

  7. Adam Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Fun Joel Says:

    Happy late birthday, my brother!

  9. ato Says:

    Yeah happy birthday (a week later). Love that Kai kid.

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