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Get Ready for Ass-Kicking Literature!


And yeah man, it’s a real fuckin’ book.

Whatta think you’re gonna do about it, punk?

h/t to the lethal and dangerous Christina.

3 Responses to “ Get Ready for Ass-Kicking Literature!”

  1. Christina Says:

    When this book is released, how about a bunch of us read it and have like a blog-a-thon on it, like we’ve done on scripts with Mystery Man?? I can’t wait! I just know it’s going to be hella funny.

  2. Joshua James Says:

    I’d be open to doing that, sounds like fun, except if the Samurai Lady sees the book lying around (or me reading it) she’s liable to throw a fit and burn it.

    She HATES Seagal. I mean, she’s fuckin’ hates him. She glowers at me whenever I flip past a channel where his face is.

    A large part of it is that it’s known Seagal’s first wife is Japanese, and he left her and her kids for Hollywood, just abandoned them for the British bimbo he did HARD TO KILL with.

    If she sees this on the blog, she’s liable to give me shit about it. She despises him like I despise Bill Kristol. Luckily, she usually doesn’t pay attention to the blog (she says, I have to listen to all of it at home, why read it same stuff on the internet? and I don’t really have an answer for that, LOL! I told you, she’s well versed in the dark sarcastic arts, heh) so I’ll probably skate there.

    But I’d like to find a way to read the book, it looks seriously cool!

  3. Ato Says:

    hahahaha. Yeah I have to agree with the Samurai Lady (Although for different reasons). Seagal is a schmuck. He’s up there with Chuck “I never met a warmonger I didn’t like” Norris. Should be a funny book though.

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