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Movie Quote Quiz

Christina tagged me with the latest meme, a MOVIE QUOTE QUIZ.

Here’s how it works:

Look up 15 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the quote correctly, I cross it off the list.

Here are mine, some are patently obviously, while others may be less so. It’s more a collection of favorite movie moments than favorite movies.

Leave a comment with your answers.

1) I’ll be your huckleberry. Brother Stacy got this, I thought it’d be the first to go.

2) It’s like a finger, pointing to the moon.

3) You know what I think I’m gonna do then? Just for the hell of it? I’m gonna take this right foot and I’m gonna whop you on that side of your face and you wanna know something? There’s not a damn thing you’re gonna be able to do about it. Brother Stacy yet again!

4) You can call me Dad, you can call me Father, you can call me Jacob and you can call me Jake. You can call me a dirty old son-of-a-bitch, but if you EVER call me Daddy again, I’ll finish this fight.

5) Someday I think you and I are going to have a serious disagreement. TSW scores here.

6) See, your murderers come with smiles, they come as your friends, the people who’ve cared for you all of your life. And they always seem to come at a time that you’re at your weakest and most in need of their help.

7) I’m from a small town called “Fresh Off a Cop’s Ass”, and you’re making me homesick.

8) I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that. Christina got this one.

9) That’s it man, game over man, game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do? My buddy Josh Peskay landed this one out the gate, and TSW got it as well.

10) You must be the short depressed kid we ordered.

11) I’m just a struggling Black man trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel and harsh world. TSW got this.

12) Oh, the reason I called… Could you find out who else is in town? I’ve made two spooks and a ghoul already, so if they’ve double-booked the job, and/or they’re going to kill me, I’d like to know. If you could find that out, that’d be great. R.A. nailed this one.

13) My top schools where I want to apply to are Oxford and the Sorbonne. My safety’s Harvard. Adam got this, I thought this would be the last to go. Shows how much I know, heh-heh.

14) Let’s say there was a burning building and you could rush in and you could save only one thing: either the last known copy of Shakespeare’s plays or some anonymous human being. What would you do? James “I know my movies about playwrights” Comtois correctly named Bullets Over Broadway.

15) I could’ve wound up having sex back there. And what better way to exorcise rejection demons than to screw the person who rejected you, right? But you wouldn’t be sleeping with a person, you’d be sleeping with the whole sad, single-person culture. It’d be like sleeping with Talia Shire in Rocky if you weren’t Rocky. James again, he’s on a roll.

That’s my list.

Leave a comment with your guess and I’ll cross it off (if I can figure out how to do that) or something.

I tag James, Emily, Adam Szymkowicz, Gasp!, Isaac, Cat Daddy and whomever else would like to play.

17 Responses to “ Movie Quote Quiz”

  1. Christina Says:

    Well shit, it’s the only one I know - #8 is … Say Anything!!

  2. Joshua James Says:

    You got it!

  3. R.A. Porter Says:

    #12: Grosse Pointe Blank

    Maybe there’s a Cusack trend here…

  4. Adam Says:

    13 is Rushmore

  5. Joshua James Says:

    Both right.

    Damn, Adam, I didn’t think folks would catch that one from Rushmore . . . heh-heh.

  6. TSW Says:

    Some are familiar, as in “I’m sure I heard them”, but I don’t think I can place many in the right movie. I think 13 is my favorite.

    1. not much of an idea — wild guess: I Heart Huckabees

    2. no idea

    3. no idea (I just looked it up on the Internets, and no wonder I didn’t recognize it — I never saw the movie)

    4. I think I remember John Wayne saying this, but I can’t remember which movie.

    5. Last of the Mohicans?

    6. no idea

    7. no idea

    8. no idea

    9. Aliens (I think it’s been spoofed in some other movies too. Didn’t Chris Farley do one of the spoofs?)

    10. I have a mental image of Bill Murray saying this one, but I can’t remember the movie.

    11. Do the Right Thing — I think it was Spike Lee saying this.

    12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ???

    13. no idea

    14. no idea

    15. no idea

  7. Joshua James Says:

    My buddy Josh Peskay got number nine and contacted me directly - Aliens . . . I’m putting it in for him . . . Nice catch, dude . . .

  8. James Says:

    #14 is “Bullets Over Broadway.”

    #15 is “High Fidelity.”

  9. Joshua James Says:

    right guys, TSW, Spike doesn’t say that in DO THE RIGHT THING, Giancarlo Espisisto does . . .

  10. Joshua James Says:

    Right now Kevin “TSW” Broom leads with three!

  11. Stacy Says:

    #15 is also following in your Cusack theme……High Fidelity. #1 is Tombstone.

  12. Joshua James Says:

    I thought TOMBSTONE would be the first to go . . . Ato must be shooting something today, or he’d be all over that one.

  13. Stacy Says:

    I know #2 is Billy Jack, but not sure of the movie…..is it the born losers?

  14. Stacy Says:

    I’m sorry….that should have been #3.

  15. Joshua James Says:

    Stacy is on a roll . . . it’s from BILLY JACK (Born Losers was the first one, but the line is from BILLY JACK, the second one) . . .

  16. Andrew Bellware Says:

    Oh man, I got here way too late. Love that Tombstone line… and Aliens, of course…

  17. J. Says:

    I can’t believe no one’s gotten #2 and #6: Enter the Dragon (I’m pretty sure it’s that Bruce Lee movie, but it might be another one) and The Godfather

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