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The Space Between The Notes

My apologies for the extended absence.

I always hate it when my favorite blogs post once every blue moon, without explanation. Of course, it’s reasonable that people get busy, get swamped and full with events and actions in their own lives and find not the time to write about it on their blogs, I know it happens (because it happens to me) but as a regular reader of theirs, it always leaves me frustrated because I’m hungry for what they offer.

Yet here I’ve gone and done it myself, to my faithful readers (both of you, heh).

The truth of the matter is, I forced myself to take a break.

Whilst my family was overseas, I stayed home and piled up an enormous amount of writing (a lot, a WHOLE lot) which includes one whole script, and outlines for others, in addition to this and that.

Now the family is back and I deliberately took a few days off.

I’m back writing, but will be posting lightly here for a bit.

Because of what Bruce Lee said about fighting.

It needs its pauses. Lee often likened fighting to music.

In music, the musical notes are important, but just as important are the rests in between.

The space between the notes, around the notes and bookending the notes have as much importance, if not more, than the notes themselves. Because without it, the empty spaces, the notes have no meaning.

Get it?

I’m on a pause now.

But rest assured, I will return.

7 Responses to “ The Space Between The Notes”

  1. Carlo Conda Says:

    See what happens when you take breaks? You start talking about the space between musical notes.


  2. Joshua James Says:

    Yeah, it’s like I’m suddenly exiled on an episode of LOST, heh-heh.

  3. Carlo Conda Says:

    People on Lost don’t get exiled. Maybe you’re thinking of Survivor. ;)

    In other words, I don’t get your joke. Lol

  4. Joshua James Says:

    Sure they get exiled on LOST, Ben was famous for that, and the group separated itself and . . .

    I watch too much television.

    But I never watch Survivor.

  5. Carlo Conda Says:

    I never saw the group seperating as being exiled.

    Anywho, what happened to unk’s site?

  6. Joshua James Says:

    You got me - I guess he absconded with all the company’s money, heh.

  7. Carlo Conda Says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised. :P

    I’ll be second-thinking any potential business relationships with Unk.

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