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George Lucas Restoring Singing In The Rain

Some internet folks be upset with George Lucas at this moment because Indy IV ain’t what they’d hoped it would be.

Me, I haven’t seen it, so I’m not emotionally involved . . . however I did find this video pretty humorous.

Called “What If George Lucas Restored Singing In The Rain”.

Heh-heh. It just goes to show you that there isn’t a movie out there that cannot be improved by a light saber duel.

4 Responses to “ George Lucas Restoring Singing In The Rain”

  1. Ato Says:

    Gene “Greedo” Kelly shoots first.

  2. Joshua James Says:

    Of course!

  3. Carlo Conda Says:

    Lucas is pretty much the pivotal A-class hack of our generation.

  4. mark manne Says:

    alright, the Jabba line made that worth it.

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